Set and achieve new goals; our coaches can help you train for your next race. Here are some events we recommend

Fort De Soto Triathlon

Date: September 3

Sprint Triathlon(S-.25, B-10, R-3.3)

Sprint Duathlon (R-.8, B-10, R-3.3)

Sprint Aquabike (S-.25, B-10)

International Triathlon (S-.5, B-20, R-6.3)

International Aquabike (S-.5, B-20)

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Tri KB

Date: September 24

Sprint Triathlon (S-.33, B-9, R-3.1)

Sprint Duathlon (R-.75, B-9, R-3.1)

Sprint Aquabike (S-.33, B-9)

International Triathlon (S-.67, B-18, R-6.2)

International Aquabike (S-.67, B-18)

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Date: October 7-9

Day 1: 6km swim and 100km Bike

Day 2: 200km Bike

Day 3: 63km Run

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Trialo El Combate

Date: October 14-15

Sprint Distance Triathlon

Olympic Distance Triathlon

Kids Triathlon

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International Triathlon (S-.6, B-22, R-6.2)

International Duathlon (R-1, B-22, R-6.2)

International Aquabike (S-.6, B-22)

Sprint Triathlon (S-.3, B-13, R-3.1)

Sprint Duathlon (R-1, B-13, R-3.1)

Sprint Aquabike (S-.3, B-13)

Half Iron (Long Course) Triathlon (S-1.2, B-56, R-13.1)

Half Iron (Long Course) Duathlon (R-1, B-56, R-13.1)

Half Iron (Long Course) Aquabike (S-1.2, B-56)

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Ultra La Isla 520

Date: March 30 - April 3

10 km Swim

425 km Bike

85 km Run

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Ultra La Isla 315

Date: March 30 -April 3

5km Swim

250km Bike

50 km Run

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